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Long Distance Relationship Hand Stamped Puzzle Piece Keychains for Couples. On one puzzle piece it says Love Knows and on the second puzzle piece it says no distance. Here at Custom Hemp Treasures I celebrate love everyday of the year, get your partner something that is truly personalized and expressive of your unique and special love. This is a cute keychain for a couple in a long distance relationship. These puzzle piece keychains are non customizable. You will receive keychains pictured with posh font. Each puzzle piece is made with stainless steel and is about 1 x 1.5 inches. Quantity 1 gets you a set of keychains.

Stainless steel is a great alternative to sterling silver. It is very affordable, hypoallergenic and it is strong, durable, and does not easily bend. It will not tarnish, rust or change color. It may seem thin but in fact it is very strong and you can not bend it easily.

♥ All orders now come in a cute polka dot paper bag ready to be gifted ♥

*Unfortunately because I use stainless steel I can not stamp on the back of the keychain or else it will bleed through to the front of the keychain*

*Keychain Thickness is 1mm but may appear thicker or thinner on screen.*

*I can make the keychains have a brushed finish which i would suggest because it helps resist against scratching.

*I hand stamp every letter on my keychains, so each keychain will be unique and different and may not look exactly like the picture.

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