Olive Juice Elephant Shoes Keychains for Couples , Anniversary Gift

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These puzzle pieces keychains are so super cute! Olive Juice and Elephant Shoes both sound kinda like I love you! Such a cute and unique gift for your sweetie who you Olive Juice! I can personalize these with a different phrase if you like, just shoot me a message and i'll get right with you :)

I usually ship in 1-2 days and shipping usually doesn't take more than 4-5 days.

*Unfortunately because I use stainless steel I can not stamp on the back of the key chain or else it will bleed through to the front of the key chain**

*Key chain Thickness is 1mm but may appear thicker or thinner on screen.*

*I can make the key chains have a brushed finish which i would suggest because it helps resist against scratching.

*I hand stamp every letter on my key chains, so each key chain will be unique and different and may not look exactly like the picture.

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