Simple Hemp Necklace Eco Friendly

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Hippie style square knot plain and simple hemp necklace. Going to the beach? Bonfire with friends? This hemp necklace would be perfect! Be unique and set yourself apart from all your friends and get a hemp necklace!
Hemp Jewelry is a great and cheap alternative to mainstream jewelry. It is very retro and fashionable. Hemp is eco friendly and also biodegradable. Hemp is also perfect for people with metal allergies and is very customizable

When purchasing this necklace please include
2.)Hemp Design pattern(Spiral Knot or Square Knot)
3.)If being sent as a gift please include Note for me to add

If no customizations are convod to me or put in message to seller I will Ship the necklace pictured which is about 14 inches long.

*Please Keep an eye on your email and etsy convo soon after completing an order in case I need more information from you about your order regarding any customizations.

*Colors Available: Tan*natural*, Black, White, Yellow, Green, Lime Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Turquoise, Orange, Fuscia, Bubble Gum Pink, Dark Purple, Lavender, Light Purple, Purple Haze Rainbow, Sunset rainbow, Rainbow.

*If you need expedited shipping please let me know so I can send you a pay pal invoice to the email you used to complete the order

*Note to seller is on the page after you hit Add To Cart

*If you don't leave the customizations you would like it only delays the shipment

* To measure you wrist you can either use a piece of string then put it on a ruler, or give me your height and weight and i can use my best guesstimate

*Average Lengths: Men-8 inches Women-7 inches